"Worship at Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple at Tirupattur will be the Turning Point in your lives."

It is inferred that a person can change his fate by seeking blessings at Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thirupattur.

Mythlogical references relate that Lord Shiva blessed Lord Brahma, that every devotee who visits this Temple, and has Darshan of Lord Brahma would see their wishes fulfilled.

Mythological references recount Lord Brahma’s overwhelming pride as the Creator of the Universe. Lord Brahma felt that He was more prevailing than Lord Shiva – since He had the supremacy of creation.

This sense of pride provoked Lord Shiva, who destroyed Lord Brahma’s Fifth Head, and also cursed Him that He would lose His power of creation.

After loosing his fifth head and all his powers, Lord Brahma realized his mistake since his privileged duty of creation was affected and so worshipped Lord Shiva at various places.

During the course of His pilgrimage, Lord Brahma visited Thirupattur and worshipped Lord Shiva with a Shiva Lingam under a Magizha tree with water from the nearby tank, now called Brahma Theertham.

He also installed 12 lingams around in this place and worshipped Shiva for a long time.

Being moved by Lord Brahma's prayers, Lord Shiva, on Devi Parvathy’s appeal, gave Him darshan under the Magizha tree and liberated Him from His curse, so that He could start His privileged duty of Creation again. Hence Lord Shiva is called Sri Brahmapureeswarar here.

Also Devi Parvathi gave back Lord Brahma all His sheen and that’s why the Devi called Brahma Sampath Gowri.

Lord Shiva also blessed Lord Brahma that He would have a separate shrine at this temple. He also advised Lord Brahma that since Brahma himself had His destiny rewritten here; He should rewrite the destiny of His devotees visiting this temple.

Since the fate of Lord Brahma, the Creator, Himself was changed by Lord Shiva at Thirupattur, one can expect a turning point in life by praying at this temple.

The Temple finds mention in the hyms of the revered Saivite Saint Sundarar.



The presiding deity is Lord Brahmapureeswarar in the form of Swayambu Lingam.

The presiding deity is Devi Brahma Sampath Gowri.

There is a separate shrine for Lord Brahma. The idol of Lord Brahma is in meditative pose sitting in Padmasana on a lotus.

Abhishekam to Lord Brahma - Timings


On all days except Thursday

08:00 am

On Thursday

06:00 am

The Temple complex consists of the 12 Shiva Lingams, installed and worshipped by Lord Brahma.

The Temple Complex also has the Jeeva Samadhi of Yogi Patanjali, the founder of Yoga.


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